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Geeks Squawk - Ep 337 (A Hawking Special)

The world has just lost its brightest star in Prof Stephen Hawking’s passing. This great loss has brought about waves of disbelief, how a man with such limited physical abilities could teach us so much about the universe. Today on this very special Geeks Squawk episode, the Geeks talk about how Stephen Hawking’s life has impacted our world. What did he warn us about our future and what lies ahead?

Geeks Squawk - Ep 337 (A Hawking Special)

Norwegian Salmon's Success Story

Norway is the second largest seafood exporter in the world, serving the world some 37 million meals of seafood every day. Some 99% of salmon eaten by Malaysians are from Norway. We speak to Jon Erik Steenslid, Regional Director for Southeast Asia of the Norwegian Seafood Council on the growing demand for Norwegian seafood in Asia. 

Norwegian Salmon's Success Story

Cracking Down on "Fake News"

The government is just about ready to roll out legislation that will crack down on fake news. We mull over what this means- will controlling the internet stifle our freedom to exchange information? And can these laws really help solve the issue of fake news? What is fake news?

Cracking Down on

Colorectal Health #4: Breaking The Silence on Colorectal Cancer

Although colorectal cancer is amongst the top three most common cancers in the country, most Malaysians are diagnosed late because of poor awareness and low participation for screening. The panel of experts from Sunway Medical Centre helps us break the silence on colorectal cancer.  This show is part 4 of a series on colorectal health. Listen to the other shows here:Part 1: Colorectal Health #1: AnatomyPart 2: Colorectal Health #2: ExaminationPart 3: Colorectal Health #3: Gut Health

Colorectal Health #4: Breaking The Silence on Colorectal Cancer

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